Food Ennui on Keto – Lowcarb

Lately I’ve been having what one might call ‘food ennui’ when following my current lowcarb and IF plan. I’ve been doing ‘bulletproof fasting’ 3 days a week— Wednesday through Friday— and eating on the 4 remaining days. But it’s been hot lately, and I’ve been depressed over being far more socially isolated than normal. Last week I had a day which was NOT one of my scheduled ‘bulletproof fasting’ days in which I didn’t bother to eat and just had one or two bulletproof coffees. 

There is a problem with this. First, when I don’t eat when I’m supposed to, when I DO get hungry I tend to have strong cravings for carby foods. And I can resist anything but temptation. Also, I DO need to eat SOMETIME, and lately I just don’t feel that eating food is worth the effort of grocery shopping and cooking and cooking-cleanup. The garbage-carbs that tempt me just have packaging that has to be thrown away— no work there.

My first thought was to go to the Dollar General store in Stephenson, MI, the one place I can get to that carries Atkins drinks (I won’t call them ‘shakes.’) But they were out of those. Since I can’t afford a meal delivery service with keto options, what I did is this— since I mostly have only one formal meal a day, I bought some cheap microwave meals that are under the 30 grams of carbs mark. I found a couple of $1 frozen Michelina meals — Salisbury steak with mashed potato, and Cheeseburger Mac— and a couple of Hormel ‘Compleats’ in the 20 carb grams (18 net carb) Beef Pot Roast flavor.

My plan is to use these microwave meals as a ‘Reward Meal,’ as in the Carbohydrate Addict’s Diet. In other words, only one a day, and eaten within the 1 hour Reward Meal window. And no significant carb intake for other  eating events. 

I know, it’s better to make real low-carb dishes from my recipe books and freeze the extra servings, but lately I just have not been in the mood for heating and eating such things, not to mention the massive cleanup involved in cooking. I’m just barely able to handle making bulletproof coffees in the hot weather we’ve been having. 

As for the lack of Atkins drinks, I’m hoping to make my own drinks from a recipe I have which will be healthier, anyway. I’ll make a few servings ahead and freeze them, and I’ll be able to take out servings to thaw in the refrigerator overnight. 

In spite of my ‘food ennui’ I’ve been sticking to my plan enough that my blood sugars and blood pressure are good and I’ve lost a little weight. I know I just have to keep going with my lowcarb way-of-life, because going on the junk-carb diet I used to be on just took too much of a toll on my health. It just isn’t worth getting obese again over it.

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