Making Bread-Machine Low-Carb Bread at Home

Sometimes on low-carb you just want a bit of bread— for sandwiches, grilled cheese, French toast or whatever. Grocery-store bread is too high-carb for us, and in me at least just makes me hungry for more bread. ‘Keto’ bread can be bought online— for $13 a loaf, and you have no control over how many carbs are in it, or whether the corporation will change the recipe or go out of business.

You can make low-carb bread in your bread machine at home. It does use ‘vital wheat gluten’ and so is not gluten-free. There are recipes in Dana Carpender’s 500 Low-Carb Recipes. I have made the sesame seed bread and the cinnamon raisin bread (without the raisins,) and plan to make the rye bread next.

I make some modifications to the recipes. If it calls for blackstrap molasses or Splenda, I use Swerve, and I may reduce the sweetening— if it calls for 1/4 cup (3 Tablespoons) Splenda, I may use 2 Tablespoons Swerve. If it calls for vanilla whey protein, I use Isopure unflavored whey protein. When it calls for oat bran, I use half the amount in oat bran and half in oat fiber, which is lower carb but less tasty.

I have 2 bread machines from my carb-eating days, and both will make a 1 pound loaf which is what the recipes call for. I’ve looked at newer bread machines and many make a 1 1/2 pound loaf as the smallest size.

I don’t make 1 1/2 pound loaves because I have a hard time cutting a loaf into the suggested number of slices as it is. If I made 1 1/2 pound loaves I would have to cut 18 slices instead of twelve and I have a hard enough time cutting 12. 

Cutting the cool bread can be a chore. Make sure you have a sharp bread knife. Dull knives may squish more than cut, and the effort to cut with them can lead to cut fingers. It’s best and tastiest to slice the bread into thin slices.

Home-made low-carb bread does not always fit in the toaster (if you still have one.) I ‘toast’ my bread with butter in the oven, or fry it a little in butter or ghee. 

Low-carb bread has to be rationed. If you eat too many slices in a day, it may kick you out of ketosis. Store some of your sliced low-carb bread in the freezer to prevent bread-binging and to keep it fresh-tasting. I find that the bread from these recipes is good, but doesn’t make me want to go on a bread-eating binge.

If you have not made bread before— be sure your yeast is very fresh. I used some nearly expired yeast and the bread from that batch didn’t rise much. I also used some older vital wheat gluten that smelled musty, but thank goodness the bread turned out OK. I have since purchased some new yeast and vital wheat gluten, also some whole rye flour so I can try the rye bread recipe.

On Keto bread is not meant to be our ‘staff of life’ or primary food. But it is so easy to make a cheese sandwich or a tuna-and-mayo sandwich when you don’t feel like cooking, it may be worth it to get in the habit of low-carb bread making.

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