My Strict Fasting Day

Ever since ‘The Complete Guide to Fasting’ came out I have been trying to get intermittent fasting and even extended fasting into my life. In the book Dr. Fung suggests every-other-day fasting, especially for diabetics and the obese. I’m a T2 diabetic and was obese at the time, so I did try, but I just didn’t like it. I wanted to cram my fasting days together into a bunch.

As a Christian, Friday immediately comes to mind as a potential fasting day. I picked the two days before, Wednesday and Thursday, as my other fasting days. Mainly because it wouldn’t do to be fasting on Saturday and Sunday that are more celebration/feasting days. 

When I had my stroke in February of 2019, that threw off my fasting schedule. When I was in institutions, I never knew how much of my institutional meals I could actually eat. I ate what I could of the meat and vegetables, but carb foods and mixed dishes I didn’t touch. I got fussed at for not eating properly, but admired for controlling my diabetes without any meds. 

That experience threw off my fasting life. I just couldn’t do fasting like I had before. In addition, I was worried about my eating— was I getting enough variety of foods? Times of not-eating got less important.

I learned about the concept of ‘bulletproof fasting’ which was sort of implied in the confusion of ‘The Complete Guide to Fasting.’ I declared Wednesday and Thursday to be my bulletproof fasting days, with only Friday as a strict fasting day. 

[How strict is strict? It’s not water-only, I can have plain tea or coffee, and even add a pinch of salt and a bit of cinnamon to them, and I could potentially have a cup of hot bone broth, or ONE very-lightly-bulletproof beverage.]

Recently a dear but misguided friend, knowing I was mostly trapped out at my rural home due to my increasingly non-functional truck, brought me a load of food items of his choice. There were a lot of loaves of bread, most bought cheap due to being near their expiration dates, some bakery items, lots of boxed noodles including an expired salad/noodle mix, a few canned goods including sugared fruit, and more fresh vegetables than I could use if I even ate beets. (My friend is a Serbian-American and doesn’t seem to understand the rules of my eating-lifestyle very well.)

The result of the gift plus my lack of transportation meant that I actually ate some of these things daily for a while. I tried to keep it to one serving daily, but even that amount isn’t a great idea, not daily, and the food cravings spilled over into my fasting days. I even ate butter-noodles in the afternoon of my fasting days!

Yesterday, though, I finally had a good fasting day and it was my strict day. This is what I did: I started the day with a big cup of water (as I do every day) and then I had a cup of tea. I make my tea in a 16 oz. cup with two teabags— Prince of Peace brand, either Oolong or Pu-ehr tea. This time, I put 1/8 teaspoon each of sea salt and cinnamon in my tea. I had several of these cups of tea during the day. 

I felt a little hunger near the end of the day. I had decided I could have a lightly-bulletproof coffee if hunger hit, but I wasn’t hungry enough to bother. And so I completed the strict fasting day on tea and water. 

The result that my blood sugar was down to 76, and I had ‘moderate’ ketosis according to my Ketonix. That’s what I do fasting for— lower sugar numbers and a boost to my ketosis.

Since I was hungry in the morning I had two scrambled eggs with sardines— the first time I put sardines in scrambled eggs. Next time, assuming I can get more eggs, I will use three eggs. I might also try using tuna instead of sardines— both canned items are available for the same price, and the tuna has more ounces in the can. 

So, that was my fasting adventure last week. Have you tried intermittent fasting? How did it go for you?

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