About this Blog

Hi! I’m Nissa. I’ve been on a ketogenic way-of-eating before it was called ‘keto.’ I lost weight— went from a lifetime high of 255 to 161.8 pounds— and also control my T2 diabetes with diet alone. My last A1c test fell in the prediabetic range.

Since I’m a big reader I’ve read all I can about lowcarb – Atkins – Banting – Paleo – keto and whatever spin on healthy eating they’ve got. To keep me on track— since I am still tempted by carbs from time to time— I’ve been sharing my experiences and information from my reading on this blog.

Since I’m not a licensed medical person legally allowed to hold an opinion on diet and health, this blog is for entertainment purposes only. Read my sources, when I give them, and go to a doctor— a well-informed doctor— for your medical advice.

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