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My Grocery Shopping Carb Binges #keto #lowcarb

I have a bad habit lately. Whenever I go to get groceries, I come home with a few high-carb items I really shouldn’t eat— chips, a big candy bar, or cookies. And every carb binge I have awakens more carb cravings, so I just want to do it again.

And the amount escalated over time. From being OK with a small bag of chips, I get a large one— or two. And the worst thing is, when I am done with my deadly carb foods, I’m still not happy or satisfied.

Doing this more and more lately, I’ve felt awful, had higher blood sugars, and my weight is up. 

I’ve decided this must stop. Yesterday when I went to the stores, I made a point of getting some low-carb food I liked— they had little ‘flatiron’ steaks, and I got two. I normally can’t afford beefsteak. I also bought some Merlot wine, which I am allowed on the Ketogenic Mediterranean ‘Diet’ I’m doing now.

I also decided if I didn’t buy any carb foods, I could get myself a tiny bag of nuts and a small bag of sugar-free, stevia sweetened mint chocolates. 
So, yesterday’s shopping trip went well. I got what I needed— though I had to go to two stores to get it all. It’s tough doing low-carb shopping out in a rural area. The grocery store has only started to carry a very few loaves of low-carb bread (1 net carb per slice.) I know the bread truck arrives on Wednesday, so I go to the store on Thursday. Usually there are three loaves, 5 Seed bread, Wheat and White. This week there was only the White left. I bought it anyway. I keep extra loaves in the freezer until I need them. 

Low-carb bread like other ‘carby’ things isn’t the greatest food— not like tuna or salmon or bacon and eggs— but I use it as a substitute for worse carb foods. It makes me feel a bit more normal. I ration it— no more than 2 slices a day, not every day, and with a meal, usually topped with cheese or sardines.

What about you? Are grocery shopping trips a source of temptation? Do you have any strategies for dealing with that temptation? Share your story!

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