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Adventures in Carnivore

Recently I bought the book ‘The Carnivore Diet’ by Shawn Baker. I mainly wanted to review the book for this blog.

The book arrived— on my birthday as it happened— and I read it through twice. There were more individual case studies than more rigorous science, perhaps because the few studies about meat eating are mostly contrasting people who eat meat plus crappy carbage with Sacred ‘Vegans.’

I tried to eat carnivore for a few days. My blood sugars are better, and I feel more nourished. I haven’t been eating a very high amount of meat because of economic woes.

I’ve had lots of trouble keeping my truck going, but my brother will fix it this weekend. I can go to the store to get what I am running low on— meat, mainly, and butter. My carnivore book suggests replacing coconut oil with butter or ghee. I could also use bacon grease if the bacon’s on sale. I used to make bulletproof hot cocoa with bacon grease and it tasted great. Sounds weird, but it did. And I made the most successful home made mayo ever using bacon grease.

Since I’m a human being not a rabbit or a cow, meat is a big part of what I was created to eat. It’s only sensible that I feel better eating meat than eating processed food carbs or vegetarian dishes.

I think the best thing so far is that when I center my eating plan around the meat, it simplifies things. I don’t need to whip up a half dozen dishes to get the job done.

In my quest for more carnivore knowledge, I found a group on MeWe called Carnivore Tribe. It’s a good group where people actually interact with each other instead of just spamming the group about their service or product and leaving.

In other dietary news, my egg-laying hybrid ducks have finally started laying eggs. Or at least one of the two females has. You can have eggs on carnivore, and it’s good to be producing my own eggs again. This is the first year getting ducks for eggs. I’ve normally kept chickens. But my chicken flock is down to one because of predators. The ducks were safer because I have two geese who think the ducks are their children.

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Meet with me on MeWe— I am Nissa Annakindt there.