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Your Daily Morning Walk on Low-Carb/Keto.

In his 1957 book Eat Fat and Grow Slim, Richard Mackarness gave a low-carb plan which required a half-hour morning walk at the start of each low-carb day. This is mentioned in Appendix C of his book.

I’m not that big on morning exercise myself. My mornings have been mostly sedentary, sitting around, writing, feeding cats….

But because of a health problem I had a while back I need to recover my strength and activity level.

Walking is highly regarded as ‘the best exercise. You don’t have to drive to a faraway gym past every fast-food seller in the area. You don’t have to be able to afford a gym membership. You just put shoes on your feet and start walking.

Doing your walking early in the day gets you started being active right from the start. It makes you feel a little more like not-just-sitting.

There’s a saying in the low-carb/ketone community – you can’t outrun a bad diet. Which means, if you are still eating carbs, exercise won’t make you thin or healthy. And if you think your exercise means you have ‘earned’ a doughnut or a Twinkie, think again. No one deserves that poison.

When you do your walking, you don’t have to do it down your street or in a special place. You can walk in your house, around the kitchen table or in place.

I live in a place where winters get snowy and I don’t like to get out in snow when I don’t have to. I’m not thrilled with walking in place, either. So I have an old elliptical trainer for bad weather days or weeks.

My morning routine has added some morning exercise. I put on some music, and get going. Just a little, I have stuff to do in the morning. But when I get going, it makes my day just a bit better.

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Do you have an exercise program or routine? Please share about it in a comment!